Working from the comfort of your garden office shed – how it can enhance your productivity

Working from the comfort of your garden office shed – how it can enhance your productivity

After 2 years of remote working, hybrid work is the next norm. When 92% of your employees, according to this statistic expect to work at least a day from home, companies can’t enforce going back to the office full-time.

Thus, most workers that know their future lies in the hybrid area need to find a certain vibe, a work-life balance, in order to enhance their productivity while still maintaining some life-related boundaries. 

Jumping from your bed straight to the office and working in your pyjamas can sound terrific, but after 2 weeks I promise you, you’ll be missing the structure of a workday. Here enters one of the alternatives: working from the comfort of your garden office shed!

With the migration from urban to rural or suburban areas taken into consideration, lots of specialists are tracing back their roots and trading the 2 bedroom apartment with an exacerbated rent for a cosy home. 

The home comes with many benefits – we won’t talk about all of those, as we’re focusing only on one: the garden that it comes with! A garden can bring joy, and enhance your hobbies (gardening can become a great activity after work). 

But how can you turn your garden into a working space? A garden office shed is a solution for all you remote workers and hybrid workers out there! When thinking about the garden office shed possibilities, you can either make your own (which requires time) or enjoy a ready-made one, like a Nooka!

Maybe you’re already wondering – what are the benefits? Why is this garden office shed trend suddenly taking over? We’ll talk about it in this article! Let’s see what’s the fuss about and why we believe the garden office shed is the next big thing in working from home when you own a garden!

  1. Spend time out in the open

Exposure to nature enhances attention and sparks productivity, according to a past study. Sunshine, fresh air and bird’s thrills are great incentives for people that need a better relationship with their work life. 

Spending time in the open can boost your productivity and with the spring upon us in full-fledge mode, working outside would be a great idea for you!  

Hanging out in the great outdoors (or just your mini-garden) is also relaxing. Structure your workday accordingly and you’ll be able to take those short but powerful breaks to play with your dog or just sit in a hammock and read the last chapter of that book you were struggling to finish. 

Distance yourself from the bedroom-office routine

The bedroom-office routine is quite dreaded and well-known in the remote day and age. If you never heard of it, it essentially means getting up in the morning, turning on your laptop while making yourself a coffee and then just sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight, with small time-offs for having a bite to eat.

That routine can sometimes work, but we, as humans, easily drift off into a routine. Thus, that can become frustrating and hard to cope with for us, especially if as an individual you’re quite easily bored. 

Distancing yourself from that routine can be a blessing. Find an alternative for your office – like a garden office shed! We already told you how it can help you, but not totally – let’s continue with this!

Enhance your productivity

Productivity is a term that we all talk about right now. We all strive toward productivity, getting to reach our goals and being our better selves. Working in a place that boosts your mood and intensifies your capacity to perform well is a must, in order to achieve this end goal.

Choosing to work from a garden office shed can help you by:

  • Reducing the number of distractions around you: we all know Netflix mid-day sounds lovely, but that won’t be the case when we’ll have to make up for the lost time!
  • Enjoying a well-furnished office – Noookas come ready for you to use with all these different functionalities!
  • Getting to bask in the sunlight – see the first point that we talked about!

Make use of the great functionalities of an office shed

As already stated, a garden office shed should come in handy, because every functionality comes exactly in the perfect spot in order to help you as a specialist. Every office shed should come with a desk and a chair customizable to every person’s needs.

Creating an office shed in your garden out of thin air can be a problem – it may require some carpenting skills and, with the higher costs of construction materials, your shed project could cost you a lot. Thus, we advise you to consider buying a ready-made garden office shed!

Take a break mid-day 

Breaks are great for your mental health and for your productivity. Conscious, mindful breaks in the middle of the day can be a breath of fresh air that everyone requires and needs. Otherwise, you won’t be able to concentrate fully on your tasks. 

Breaks in the middle of the day can also be paired with outdoors, as you’ll be able to enjoy that sunshine and fresh air while taking a break. It certainly won’t hurt!

Mix it up from time to time

From time to time, the office or your home seem enough. You saw it all, you know every little small place, you’re, in one sentence – sick of it all! We like change and we should strive towards it, at least once in a while.

Thus, you can still keep your current workflow constant, but try to change the working scenery once in a while. You can combine your home with a local coffee, a garden office shed and a co-working spot, in order to achieve diversity, grow your network and also enjoy productivity!

Don’t worry about construction permits

Garden office sheds may require some construction permits if you’re going to build them from scratch – but that won’t be the case. You can profit from the benefits of a Nooka – it will certainly not require you to own a construction permit. 

This way, you obtain a great garden office shed, without all the hassling around. 

What do you say? Is the garden office shed right for you? Let us know!

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