Why are people booming in shared office spaces?

Remote work and shared office spaces aren’t necessarily a new thing, but they certainly have taken off in popularity in the past few years. Honestly, this isn’t any sort of secret. We’ve all been aware of this trend, and the pandemic gave us the insight that we needed to realize that remote, shared office spaces are a very, very good thing.

When the pandemic peaked and started its downward climb, many employers rushed to have employees come back to the office. In fact, many employees were itching to get back, too. They eagerly jumped in their cars, sat in traffic with a smile, and walked in the office for months, only to realize that nothing really had changed.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that they thrived in shared office spaces, and going into the normal office just wasn’t the same as it used to be. We all got a taste of the sweet life, and there wasn’t any turning back.

So why are people booming in these shared office spaces? What exactly contributes to this success? That’s the topic for today, so let’s dive in.

What do we mean by shared office space?

First things first, let’s clearly define what we mean when we say a shared office space. It’s true that technically any office where more than one person works is a shared space, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

A shared office space is a subscription-based office space where anyone from any company, even freelance, can come and work. These shared office spaces are typically dotted around a city, not confined to a single office or single company.

two people sharing an office space

So with that said, why are people flocking to them? And more importantly, why are they don’t so well? Here are a few reasons why people are booming in shared office spaces.

People find their work more meaningful

Working in a shared office space gives a certain amount of freedom, or at least a sense of it. These spaces are typically far more relaxed and laid back than a normal office, but they still maintain the professionalism needed to carry on with their work.

Because shared office spaces contain a variety of people from a number of different companies and industries, the office politics and internal competition is at a minimum. People don’t need to put on their work persona to actually work. They are themselves, and they find their work more meaningful.

Shared office spaces open more doors to collaboration

Instead of being stuck in the same office, surrounded by the same people with the same insights and goals, a shared office space gives way to new collaborations.

In a shared office space, there’s plenty of unique skills to go around, which means the opportunities, insight, and points of view are seemingly endless. The freedom that a shared office space makes way for allows people to open up more, building more and better work relationships.

People have more control

Shared office spaces like the ones we’re talking about are normally open all day and all night. Even if they’re not opened 24/7, they’re certainly open far past typical working hours.

This gives people the freedom to come and go as they please. They can leave during the middle of the day to take a nice walk in the park, put in a quick set at the gym, or just take a breather. They can choose to work in a quiter space, or move to a place where collaborative space where people openly share ideas. Maybe they decide to not go in at all, and work from home.

Shared office spaces provide the ultimate control over your job. Again, going back to the freedom we mentioned earlier, they have the choice to do whatever they want. This typically leads to more open ideas, transparent communication, and more successful projects. It gives them the structure they need without the crippling effects of micromanagement.

Shared office spaces provide a sense of community

Back to what we were talking about before, shared office spaces allow you to grow in a community outside of the typical 9-5 office relationship. Making connections with others is one of the biggest reasons people choose to sign up for a shared office space.

Building this sort of network is vital to growth professionally as an individual. As new people come and go, the potential to shake the right hand or make the right connection to propel your career forward at lighgtspeed grows exponentially. 

shared office space community collaboration

On the opposite side of the coin, people also have the option to stick to themselves, and focus on their work without much distraction. People can choose how they interact and who they interact with. Social connections are not forced like they can be in a normal office environment.

Why Nooka is the perfect shared office space

A decent shared office space can be hard to come by. Personally, I’ve worked in a few where I’ve felt inclosed, overwhelmed, or distracted. The feeling wasn’t much different than a normal, stricter office. The only difference was that I was paying for it.

Nooka provides you with the perfect setup to work as you please. You’re provided with all the office amenities that you need. No drama or overreaching control that comes with a normal office setup.

The best part is that Nooka office spaces easily accessible by anyone at any time. You can take your time in the morning, making a short commute to your shared office space. Leave whenever you please, no chains, no questions, no restrictions.

Nooka shared office spaces can even be rented out on a corporate level for businesses that have multiple workers in a single remote area. It’s like your office away from the office – A place that you can truly relax and get your work done. 

If you’re looking for a shared office space where you have full control over your schedule, then you should definitely check out Nooka. Download the app on the Apple Store or on Google Play, and find the nearest Nooka space to you.

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