Who is remote work for? 

Who is remote work suitable for? The short answer would be: lots of different people. 

However, a more expository answer is required. In the end, what does “a lot of people” look like? 

The way we work is changing. And not only because of the pandemic. Even before that people started to question the old, get up at 7, leave at 8 to arrive at work at 9 am. And after years and years of following the same script, things were about to change. 

Evidently, the pandemic boosted those changes a lot. Now not only do we have remote working, but we also have hybrid working as well. 

So there are a lot of changes going on and companies should do their best to meet their employees’ new requirements. After all, we are no longer working 14 hours a day like in the “good” old times. 

Considering all this, it would be interesting to look and see who is remote work for? Who can benefit and who can thrive from remote working? 

Let’s see: 


Remote working is great for freelancers because this means they can get more clients from different countries without the need of going to an office. 

Imagine that you have clients from all over the world while still working from your own room. It also gives quite the flexibility as you don’t have to go to any office and basically the sky’s the limit. 

Moreover, you can go and work from so many different places and visit your clients if they find it fit. 

Business owners

Business owners can thrive by working from home as they have a lot of freedom. You can make your phone calls whenever you want, leave for business meetings whenever you feel like it, and have a whole team of freelancers at your side. 

Another perk is that, while working remotely, you don’t have to pay for office space, or utilities and you can reduce a lot of your costs. So you can have a team from all over the world and not have to provide office utilities for them. 

Big companies

It’s not all just about freelancers and small companies. Big companies also get some profit out of remote work. Imagine the number of costs they reduce while having their employees working from the comfort of their homes. 

Not only that, but people are more productive, so they get more work done while spending a lot less money. Just like in the case of business owners, this allows big companies to recruit from different countries and gather a great team. 


For parents, remote work can be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on your kid’s personality, really. 

However, for many couples, working from home meant more quality time spent with their children and being able to closely watch them grow. It’s great that you can work and provide for them, while still being present in their lives and having activities together. 

This is all available for pet owners as well. 

Solo workers

For people that do not need a team to get work done and prefer to be by themselves, remote working is a blessing. 

Imagine being a person that doesn’t thrive in a team and finds brainstorming and meetings, productivity killers. For that kind of person, working from home, where the environment is friendly and where they do not need to interact with a lot of people is really a game-changer. 

Digital nomads

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work from home. Remote can be a cafe, a library, in the middle of a city, or at the seaside. 

This came in very handy for people who loved to travel but also had full-time jobs. When going to the office you can’t really travel a lot, and can only take your vacation days if you want to do so. 

However, while working remotely you can be in a country one day and in another one the next day. You get a lot of freedom of movement and for digital nomads, this is just heaven on earth. 


Even though it differs from person to person, creatives usually have their own way of working. Maybe in order to get in the creative mood, they need to dance around the house to some silly melodies. Or watch a YouTube video. Or even just water their plants. It’s all a routine. 

When working from an office space, those routines are dropped dead, as no one would like to see you dance in the middle of the office (although it would be pretty cool). This is why a lot of creatives working from home meant they could have all the freedom of expression they need. 

As a personal example, usually, when proofreading and editing, a good trick is to read out loud so you can identify mistakes more easily. Imagine doing that in an office filled with people. It’s not quite cool. For them, at least. 

Therefore, remote working can be the solution for many different people. Whether you are a freelancer or a creative that needs to get work done, finding what best suits you can be a game-changer. 

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