We met thousands of work-from-anywhere fans from all over Europe

As June set in and we started to think about their summer vacations. The sun was shining in our eyes and we had to move inside a few conference centers across Europe to spread our mission to redefine the hybrid working model. We presented our solutions at four conferences in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. At VivaTech, Passenger Terminal EXPO & Conference in Paris, and PROVADA, every visitor had the opportunity to experience the Nookas and learn more about the types of partnerships we offer.

Named among the Top 3 future of work startups

During the VivaTech conference, we had the opportunity to showcase our business model and vision for the future. In a competition supported by the organizers and SAP.io, we ranked amongst the three best companies that will change the future of work. The jury was impressed by our products and focused on the way we fit into the market to fulfil the goal of our clients.

Our main goal is to provide the best possible experience for work-from-anywhere enthusiasts. We decided to start this journey of redefining the hybrid working model. The aim is to provide them with the freedom and flexibility to do their job.

Viva Technology is one of Europe’s biggest startup and tech events. Every year VivaTech brings together, in Paris and online, business leaders, startups, investors, researchers, and innovators to ignite positive change in business and for society.

Reshaping the future of the real estate industry at PROVADA

The PROVADA conference took place in Amsterdam in the middle of the month. One of the key talking points during the event amongst business representatives was what is the future of the office spaces as the hybrid and remote working models are here to stay. One of the conclusions made throughout the discussions was that modern, hybrid workforces expect a lot from their offices; move-in ready space that comes with a mobile-first approach to interacting with the building is key. Tenants need access to on-demand services and amenities in a seamless on-demand way.

Business travelers find their offices at the airports

Our Nooka Air Two L was a hit amongst the attendees of Passenger Terminal Expo 2022, who wanted to try out the smart fully connected working pods. Developed for the passenger experience waiting terminal, we had our first opportunity to demonstrate how it fits into the environment and the benefits it offers – a smart lock, smart lighting, an internet connection, air ventilation, and a mobile app that offers an end-to-end customer experience from booking to payment.

This is an initiative that will help airports to put customers at the center of their operations. When traveling, people will have to wait for a few hours before their flights. Most of the time, they are looking for a spot where they can take care of some tasks or have a meeting in a private and secure spot. To help airport operators provide such spaces, our indoor products are built exactly to serve this purpose. Nooka Air One and Nooka Air Two are fully connected and have everything needed to use waiting time at the airport efficiently.

An eventful June was not only very helpful for Nooka Space to catch up with the latest trends in the market, but also to meet with a lot of people interested in how the future of the workplace will look like. If you want to chat with Nooka’s team and learn more about the products, follow the company’s social media.

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