The Perfect Holiday: Make your hotel attractive to digital nomads

We are at that time of the year again – it’s more than 30 degrees outside, the sun is shining, the sea water is hot and most of us are ready to dip our toes in the sand. That’s not the case for all, some people have been enjoying the sunny days on the beach for some time. They are the digital nomads, who have the opportunity to work remotely from the most suitable place for them. A common belief about them is that they are in their early twenties sitting at different beach bars.

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are professionals between 25 and 45, usually tech-fans, and with an adventurous mindset to explore different places. Another thing in common is that they choose to combine working remotely and traveling for various reasons and lengths of time. 

The number of people living that life has been growing rapidly, as more than 15 million people, just in the USA, travel and work from wherever they want. A recent MBO report shows that the number has doubled since 2019. 

Some digital nomads travel for years, regularly moving across countries and continents. Others are nomadic for shorter periods, taking “workcations” and working sabbaticals lasting from several weeks to many months. Some travel the globe, but many never cross a border, choosing to live and work while exploring a single area or country.

What do they expect from their location?

With the variety of places it offers, there are a plethora of requirements that digital nomads have. Of course, some essentials are valid for everyone – high-speed internet, close proximity to a landmark, a beach, or a mountain, and comfortable and modern accommodation opportunities.

However, there is no certain trend whether digital nomads prefer to stay at hotels, guest houses, or rent out a whole property for themselves. One major drawback for the hotels and guest houses is the lack of an area that offers more privacy and an opportunity to spend some time alone.

More than 1 billion workers are expected to be digital nomads by 2035. This audience is a great opportunity for hotel owners to develop private areas, which will provide nomads with the needed space. 

How to guarantee the privacy of nomads?

In order to fulfill the needs of digital nomads, hotel owners have to provide additional services, which will attract the fans of the work-from-anywhere model. This can happen by ensuring dedicated spaces where digital nomads can fulfill their tasks and also enjoy their free time. But that can be very expensive and also take a lot of time.

By using Nooka Space’s products, hotel owners can quickly adapt to these changes based on the desires of digital nomads and working people. Nooka Cube and Nooka One are smart proximity office spaces, which can be installed practically anywhere. They provide users with the necessary privacy by creating a barrier from unwanted intrusion. The design allows natural light to enter from multiple sides, and it does an outstanding job shielding you from the outside weather conditions. Both products are IoT integrated for smart access, temperature, and lighting. Gain full control of your office directly from the mobile app. More than one Nooka Cubes can be connected together to create the perfect multi-room flex workspaces.

Nooka Space offers the options for renting, booking based on hourly rates, buying, and sharing revenue, thus contributing to the concept of flexible spaces, which allows users to manage and customize their working conditions simply and conveniently. Contact Nooka Space to learn more about our renting models, which will allow you to transform your hotel and make it attractive for digital nomads.

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