Tech-enabled Proximity Offices for the Community

Nooka is the platform that enables companies & physical locations to create communities of professionals that believe in a future of work enabled by technology, by generating a proximity office space worldwide network.

The Community

It’s about you, me and everyone that adopted the hybrid workstyle. A community designed to share proximity spaces in an easy and convenient way.

The Technology

Nooka delivers a smart infrastructure that gives its users full control over the space functionality and profitability and enables them to fully benefit from the community features.

The Proximity Office

Empowering you to be more productive, focused, and creative in a dedicated, smart, and affordable proximity office space, within walking distance from your home.

The community and the Nookster

We’re building a community of remote workers that are flexible, productive, and efficient. Our community is built around our network of offices and is enabled by the technology behind it.

Who is this Nookster?

The Nookster is an individual that embraced the hybrid work lifestyle. He knows that working alongside a vibrant community gives him a sense of belonging, comfort, and productivity.


Together we can bring the future of work closer, and make it more accessible, equitable, and efficient.  Make that happen for your employees.

Our business partners

Become our business partner. Together we pioneer the future of work by giving the community proximity office spaces that are fully equipped, private, safe, enhanced by technology. Hybrid working is better for people, businesses, and cities.

Proximity Offices for your Community

Get recognized for helping your community thrive in the new remote work culture. 

Innovative, flexible Business models

Attractive shared revenue business model. Benefit from a Tech-enabled infrastructure of proximity workspaces.

The Nooka Office - A space for professional growth

All Nookas are fully equipped with everything you need to work and create. All our offices are designed with communities that work remotely in mind.

Outdoor office

Nooka Cube

Full size proximity workspace for you to create, communicate or relax. Designed to deliver meaningful remove work experiences for your community, customers or citizens.
Indoor office

Nooka Air

It’s a jungle out there. You need that space for privacy and comfort on the go. A smart, fully connected proximity work booth, that can be used by up to 4 people at once.

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