Remote Work Solution: Portable Offices That You Can Rent or Buy

2020 has been the year of change, hasn’t it?

And with that change came something new for a lot of us, and that is working remotely.

There are lots of problems that come along with working from home or remotely, but possibly the worst problem of them all is not being able to separate your work life from your home life. 

But luckily, there’s a simple solution to the madness, and that is renting or buying a portable office to put in your backyard or a place near you.

The Benefits of Portable Offices That You Can Rent or Buy

So today, I want to talk to you a little bit about the 5 benefits of working from a portable office that you can rent or buy and how you can get one today!

Benefit #1: You can separate your work-life from your home-life

There’s literally nothing harder than staying focused while working from home, when everyone is making a ton of noise or having a lot of fun in the living room. 

I suffer from a condition called FOMO, which is the fear of missing out.

If I hear some guests come over, or my family is in the kitchen eating something delicious and having a good time, I can’t miss out. I have to go visit.

When you work from home, there’s no set time of when the work day starts and when it ends. I just kinda get up and start roaming in the middle of the day. Or I get lost in the hours and work overtime, and miss out free time. 

This is why it’s important to have a dedicated work space to work from, so you stay organized with your time and efforts.

Benefit #2: You have a sense of normalcy and schedule

During this world-wide pandemic, nothing truly feels normal, and we’re all in this together, staying home and staying safe.

Many of us have had to get used to the reality of working from home, and that means that we’ve gotten out of our daily routines. 

According to psychologists, a healthy routine is crucial for a happy lifestyle. And almost all of our schedules have been thrown into the wind.

This is why having a portable office space in your backyard can bring you back some peace of mind and normalcy. 

You’ll have a place to go for a certain time frame, and you’ll get a bit of normalcy back into your life.

Benefit #3: You have your own space of serenity. 

I know you saw that hilarious viral video of the kid who ran into his dad’s office while he was being broadcasted on national television from his home office.


For us, it was hilarious and adorable to watch, but for them, I bet it was completely chaotic and stressful. Nothing serene about it.

But when you get a backyard modular office delivered to your home, you’ll actually have a peaceful place to work from where you know there will be no accidental intruders during your work meetings. 

Benefit #4: Everything stays organized

I guess this one is completely up to you, if you’re a neat person, but I’ve got to say that working from a modular office has changed my work-life, home-life balance.

When I was working from my kitchen desk at home, everything was easily getting misplaced or messy. At first I was working nicely from my laptop, but then I started making some cinnamon rolls, and now my desk has completely turned into a make-shift bakery. It all happened so fast.  

That’s a huge reason why I started working from a modular backyard office. Not because I didn’t believe in my now-bakery-desk-space, but because I needed somewhere where I could stay tidy, focused, and organized. It also helps to recognize that it was a workplace, and not just another space in my home.

Benefit #5: It’s incredibly cool to have a modular backyard office space

Okay, I gotta admit, this one is pretty vein. But honestly, can you tell me that you wouldn’t completely geek out over your best friend’s modular, minimal backyard office space?

I know I did, and it got me to get one as well. 

With a minimal and modern approach to backyard garden offices, you can have somewhere you’re proud to work from and also show off to all your friends and family. 

You could even have co-workers come and work with you whenever you want to, but more importantly, you’re in control of what colleagues get to come and also go. 

We all have that one Karen in the office. 

Now you get to have your own peaceful place to work from. 

Portable Offices That You Can Rent or Buy

When it comes to modular offices that you can rent or buy, I can only recommend what I believe to be the best of the best, and that’s NOOKA.

Nooka is the first company worldwide that offers a home garden office that is smart and connected(smart lighting and smart heat control, high-speed wifi, zero human interactions for accessing it with the mobile app, smart scheduling, mobile in-app payment, air control sensors and smart furniture). 

Nooka offers you 3 different styles of Nooks, the main differentiator being the size of each one.

 Nooka One is 3×4 meters. Nooka Two is 6x4m and has all the standard features like smart lighting, smart access by a mobile app, wi-fi, UV light for disinfection. It also has two interior design options: single-use, with 1 working desk, or multiple-use, which has up to 6 desks. And finally, Nooka Three is 3x9m, and has extra space for more desks, and also comes with a gorgeous deck terrace.

All you have to do to get your hands on one of these beauties is to visit their website and register for one, then pay the upfront set-up fee of approximately 1,000€.

After the initial payment, they will come and set it up for you and the payment plan will be based on your monthly subscription type. 

Another great thing about Nooka is that if you’re looking for a business opportunity and an amazing community, you can set up a Nook in your own town, with an extremely low initial investment, and start subleasing it to other remote workers. 

Visit Nooka.com to register for your Nook today and start working from a comfortable, beautiful, modern office space that you love!

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