Going remote? Here’s what you need in your remote office

It’s no secret now that people are flocking to remote environments. Whether that’s the comfort of their own home, or a proximity office on the other side of the globe, remote offices are a huge trend.

When I say trend, though, I don’t mean something that will come to pass. At least not something that will come to pass anytime soon. Remote working is here to here to stay, and remote offices are an ever-important piece to the puzzle of working efficiently.

So what do we need in remote work spaces? I know it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to this style of working. But fret not, here’s what a remote office looks like in 2022.

Prioritize comfort and efficiency

A good remote office space will be comfortable and efficient, providing you with all the amenities that you need to stay focused. This could mean a comfortable chair, a desk with plenty of space, or lots of natural light.

Comfortable office desk and chair

The truth is that we all dream about working from a coffee shop every once in a while. But it is simply not comfortable. If you’ve ever tried to work in a coffee shop, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The tables in a coffee shop are meant for cups and small plates, not laptops and mice. The chairs are designed for just a few minutes of sitting, not hours of work. Sadly, you will find yourself hunched over, trying to fit all of your work stuff on the table, trying not to spill your cup, and taking up room.

A good remote office, no matter where it’s at, will allow you to work comfortably and efficiently. This should be prioritized, otherwise, you won’t be able to stay productive.

Put yourself in the right environment

You could have all the amenities in the world, but if you’re not in the right environment, your work might suffer. For that reason, the key to all remote work spaces is the environment. You need to be in a place where you can think and work.

This plays very much into the point above, but it’s about more than just being comfortable in your chair. It’s about being comfortable with every aspect of your remote office space, inside and out. 

Let’s be honest here, we all can get distracted easily while working remotely. Sirens, dogs barking, vacuum cleaners, and foot traffic are all common contributors to an unproductive workday. 

You need a place where you can go where all of that nonsense doesn’t exist. Or, at least, it’s not constant. You need a place where others around you respect the boundaries of a working environment and are all on the same page. 

Make your remote office accessible

How far is too far for work? Accessibility is an important aspect of remote work office spaces. After all, what’s the point in working remotely if you have to travel a great distance every day? Sure, we’d all love to type up an email while sipping mimosas on the beach, but let’s be realistic here.

Remote work office spaces need to be close by. If it’s not in your home, then you don’t want to stress yourself with a long commute. In truth, it kind of defeats the purpose of remote work spaces. 

Accessible remote office in park
📷 Vlad Cupşa ◘ http://komiti.media/

Gas prices, road tolls, traffic, and time are all factors that you need to take into consideration when commuting to your remote office space. 

Invest in the right tools

If you’re going to be working from a remote office, you’ll need to right tools for the trade. Just like you wouldn’t want to be caught on the football field without cleats, you wouldn’t want to be caught in your remote office without the right tools.

So what are the right tools? That is completely dependent on your job or project. My advice would be to invest in a nice laptop and some powerful peripherals. Nothing is worse than joining a video call with a low-quality webcam or a terrible microphone. 

But beyond hardware, you’ll want the right software, too, and a good internet connection. Invest in communication tools, research tools, CRMs (if it applies), and whatever else you need to make your job run like clockwork. 

If you’re working in a team, make sure your colleagues also have access to the tools they need. This is a collaborative effort, so if there’s any sort of lapse in the chain of communication, everything could fall apart.

Nooka remote office spaces

You could worry about setting everything we mentioned above up by yourself, or you could find somewhere that takes care of all of it for you. Nookaspaces do exactly that, plus a little more. They take all of the headaches out of setting up remote work spaces.

With a Nooka remote office, you will be in the perfect environment to get things done. It’s designed specifically to keep you away from outside distractions so that you can really focus on your work.

In fact, Nookaspaces provide you with everything you need, including amenities. They’re soundproof, well-lit, and comfortable. Every Nooka remote office space is tech-enabled, meaning you will never find a lack of helpful technology to make your office stay even more efficient.

accessible remote office nookaspaces

On top of that, Nookaspaces are highly accessible in many locations. Many are even within walking distance. Even if you just need a slight change of scenery for a few hours, Nookaspaces can be rented out for whatever time period you want.

With Nooksapces, you’ll get:

  • 24-hour access
  • A quiet, sound-proof working environment 
  • All the desk space you need
  • Comfortable seating
  • Modern design and amenities
  • Easy access
  • + much more

Nooka remote offices solve the problems that a lot of in-office working environments and at-home offices produce. It gives you an office away from your office, lending you the ability to get work done in a professional setup, all without having to travel miles and miles for work.

If you’re looking for a meaningful remote working experience for yourself, your team, or the entire company, Nookaspace has your back. Download the app, and find your local Nookaspace today.

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