Nooka Space launches Nooka Air FireShield office booth for airports

Nooka Space, the developer of the world’s first proximity office network, innovates in the airport industry segment and launches Nooka Air FireShield, a high-tech safe office booth which is designed to enhance the waiting areas experience and generate revenue for airports with minimal investment and extremely easy management.

Built according to the highest standards in safety and comfort, the new office booth model integrates state-of-the-art technologies for a great working experience. In addition to its smart features such as booking, paying, or space access directly from the mobile app, Nooka Air FireShield office booth has integrated an innovative fire prevention system.

The fully integrated fire protection system operates independently of any other system available in the installation area and is equipped with fire system control panel, a fully automatic smoke & fire detection system, acoustic and visual warnings, fire system activation, indoor and outdoor control fire system.

This premium workspace and its operational concept aim to tackle the challenges and demands of hectic airport terminals, offering a  secure, stress-free environment for passengers, completed with various features especially designed for high-security transit zones. Requiring only three sqm of space, the cabins can be placed near the gates to offer short walking distance to passengers, creating a new service offering.

The spaces in airport buildings are periodically subject to the dynamics and changes of passenger demands. Integrating new facilities and technologies while maintaining safety and security standards are among the industry's key priorities.

We are innovating in the airport workspace segment and propose a solution that not only significantly improves the passenger experience but meets the need for maximum safety and privacy requirements for a workspace, providing at the same time a competitive advantage in terms of minimal investment and additional revenue for airports.

Nooka Air FireShield office booth is a small-footprint, end-to-end workspace solution for airport passengers and community. We are excited to release this brand-new product during Passenger Terminal Expo, one of the leading industry events

Nooka Air FireShield office booth can be shared by up to four people at once. Providing airport community, clients, or travellers with valuable remote work experiences, Nooka Air FireShield is designed to ensure maximum safety and minimal fire risk.

On the inside of Nooka Air FireShield, the customers may enjoy an ultra-modern workspace including comfortable sofas, ergonomic table, coat hanger, power socket, USB, wireless charger, screen available on demand and high-speed internet. 

For more details about Nooka Space product and services you can visit www.nookaspace.com.

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Nooka Space developed the first concept of smart and flexible proximity offices in the world. The story of Nooka began from the desire to rewrite the definition of the workspace and help build the offices of the future: smarter, more accessible, more flexible, more intimate, and more environmentally friendly. Nooka Space’s business model offers the options for renting, booking based on hourly rates, buying, and sharing revenue, thus contributing to the concept of flexible spaces and urban mobility. With a network of smart proximity offices in 7 European countries, Nooka Space is aiming to build a worldwide hybrid work community based on creativity and collaboration.  

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