Nooka Space for sustainable residential parks

What to consider when building a sustainable residential park?

Sustainable residential parks are a new development in the real estate industry. Typically built around a common green space, these parks include features such as energy-saving appliances, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting systems among other functionalities.

However, sustainable residential parks need to be designed with care, and aim to reduce carbon footprint, to include net-zero homes, use renewable energy and reduce commuting by providing all of these features in one place.

Elements and benefits of sustainable residential parks

Sustainable residential parks consist of energy-efficient buildings or houses made of long-lasting materials. They also include conserved natural areas, landscaping sites, plants, and other elements that contribute towards creating an environmentally-friendly community space. 

Green spaces are very much needed for new residential areas, as there has been a sharp decrease in having parks near building blocks – in countries such as the UK this decline can be up to 40 percent. 

Landscapes are a key factor in the quality of life, as they provide us with fresh air and make us feel good. 

Additionally, green spaces are important for our mental health and for our physical health, and the creation of such areas are an essential part in the planning process when it comes to residential areas.

Choosing durable and eco-friendly materials

The world is changing, and so should our buildings. The construction industry has come a long way from its early days of using materials that were not environmentally friendly to the more sustainable products today. 

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is to make sure that we are producing less waste and pollution.

Sustainable residential parks are a great example of this. They use durable and recycled materials that last for a long time with minimal maintenance. 

This reduces the amount of waste and pollution created by construction sites, which would otherwise be left in landfills for decades or even centuries to come. They also help to promote a circular economy by making use of durable and recycled materials.

Hubs for testing out emerging technologies

Most of these sustainable residential parks can also prove to be fertile grounds for testing emerging technologies and various products and services such as smart thermostats, remote temperature monitoring, leak detection or electric blinds, which can greatly contribute towards energy saving. 

Therefore, when building such spaces one also needs to have in mind the implementation of such or similar smart technologies and already have such solutions ready to be used by its residents. 

Additionally, if these solutions are made by domestic startups or companies, the feedback they would get from those that are using or testing them would benefit the further development of their products and technologies.

Nooka’s smart home offices as a part of the sustainable solution

Nooka Space’s products are a part of the sustainable solution, as they reduce commuting and create a very comfortable, private opportunity to work very close from home.

Created in 2020, Nooka Space helps companies and employees to access smart infrastructure that gives them full control over the space functionality and profitability, thus enabling them to fully benefit from the community features.

Nooka’s offices offer more flexibility and privacy, no commuting, and are IoT integrated for smart access, temperature and lighting.

One of its core products, the smart home office is a modern office space that can be placed in gardens or literally anywhere in the proximity of buildings or houses, and is an ideal solution for sustainable residential parks. 

The Nooka Cube is another smart, fully connected proximity office space that can be equipped with up to two working stations. A well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing workspace, Nooka Cube’s design allows natural light to enter from multiple sides and shields workers from the outside weather conditions. 

If you are interested in how these smart home offices can become an integral addition to your sustainable residential park, you can find out more here

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