Hybrid work meaning – Why do employees want it so bad?

After a rocky couple of years, the world is finally starting to get back to normal. At least, the new normal. All-in-all, a lot has changed, much of which is definitely for the better. 

One of those changes is that many people that used to work in a strict office environment are now opened up to a new way of working. Some of those people are fully remote, and some of those people are operating in a hybrid role.

In fact, since the pandemic, preference for hybrid roles has been rising month-to-month, and is expected to reach a staggering 53% of all employees in the coming months and beyond. 

A lot of people might still be unsure about all of this, so I think it’s a good idea to give hybrid work meaning. Let’s talk about it in a little more detail below.

Hybrid work meaning

Hybrid work is a flexible model that balances in-office and remote working environments. It offers the choice to essentially work from whenever you choose.

The hybrid working model supports a people-first approach that encourages productivity and satisfaction. Instead of relying on a single work environment, the employee has the option to work from home, in-office, or in a proximity office

Remote proximity office in garden

This model addresses the pros and cons of the working environment, helping balance any issues that could come in the way of a single style of working.

For example, let’s say that an employee has just had their first child, and they’d prefer to work from home for the next few days or weeks. Well, the typical in-office working model simply would not allow that. Instead, if the hybrid model is adopted, the employee can spend much-needed time with their family while still getting work done. 

On the other hand, if the employee is having trouble concentrating at home because their neighbor is remodeling their kitchen, then they have the option to go to the office. This is something that wouldn’t be possible with a fully-remote position.

The benefits of hybrid work

In the grand scheme of things, there are tons of benefits to hybrid work, both for the employee and the employer. Sure, there are some cons that can come along with it, but as long as a healthy relationship is maintained between everyone in and out of the office, then all should function properly.

So what are some of the major benefits of hybrid working? Let’s divide it between employees and employees. 

Hybrid working benefits for employees

  • Free and flexible working hours
  • Cost reductions on things like fuel and food
  • Work where you want
  • Ability to utilize hybrid offices
  • Gives the option to schedule appointments and run errands when needed

Hybrid working benefits for employers 

  • Reduced costs in-office
  • Builds trusting relationships between upper management and employees
  • Expands talent pool beyond those who can only come into the office
  • Helps maintain company culture while promoting true flexibility
  • Increases productivity and employee satisfaction

Now, of course, these lists can go on and on. The truth of the matter is that if an employee isn’t happy with their hybrid office, then they can work from home. If they aren’t able to concentrate at home, then they can go to the main office. Hybrid working is designed to eliminate any and all obstacles that any one environment produces simply by offering more working options.

Why do employees want hybrid work so badly?

Hybrid work became a huge hit after COVID-19 rocked the world. As more and more people emerged from lockdown, some decided that they needed to go back to the office, and some decided that they were doing just fine at home or in a hybrid office.

The ones that decided that they didn’t need to go back to the office quickly understood that, although the office is a nice place to be, it wasn’t 100% necessary every single day. It takes time, effort, and even a little bit of money to go to the office every day.

Some of these people even found proximity offices to work in an office without having to go all the way to the main office. 

Nooka hybrid working office

Nooka proximity offices provide that special between for hybrid workers that don’t want to go all the way to the office but don’t want to work from home. It is a professional environment that can be rented out by the hour, or on an enterprise-level for your whole office. 

The truth is that the hybrid work meaning provides flexibility where there wasn’t any before. It provides a little less stress in a world where there are loads of it. Hybrid work means that employees can maintain a better work-life balance, making them more productive during working hours.

How to adopt the hybrid working model

If hybrid working is not something that you’re already doing, odds are that you’ve thought about it once or twice. It might seem overwhelming to implement, but if you take it one step at a time, it can be quite easy and rewarding. 

Start by creating a survey, asking if employees would be interested in adopting a hybrid working model. Ask them basic questions like how often they would want to come to the office, how often they would want to work from home, and what they would need to be successful.

Once you have a good understanding of what the office wants, the hardest part is done. Now, you can set them free for hybrid work. If you really want to take it the extra mile, consider renting a proximity office with Nooka.

Woman working with dog in Nooka hybrid office
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Within a Nooka Space, employees will have everything they need to be productive. This includes a high-tech, professional, hybrid office to come and go from as they please. All of this without having to travel all the way to the main office, or staying at home.

Start implementing hybrid work today

The hybrid work meaning is something that a lot of people are looking for at the moment. Along with that, they’re looking for solutions, answers, and ideas to help boost their own hybrid working model. 

Working from home, remotely, or in a hybrid role doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with a solution like Nooka that can scale with your business, it’s as easy as it can get.