How Nooka Space gathers people with similar values in their network?

Nooka is a platform and a solution that merges companies and physical locations to create a community of professionals with the help of technology, thus generating a proximity office space network.

The contemporary world has witnessed many challenges that questioned the traditional office environment. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic provoked a change in the professional and personal lives of many individuals around the globe. However, the world has almost recovered from the adverse events. Now instead of witnessing human presence again, the offices tend to be emptier than before. There are several studies conducted that support that statement made by VOX and Forbes.

In our contemporary world, work-from-home has become a necessary feature that a job should possess. People want to have the freedom of choosing a surrounding according to their preferences. Nooka is equipped with everything necessary for a creative and productive workday – full-speed Wi-Fi connection, video-calling solutions, and IoT sensors, and it is fully managed by a mobile app at a click distance.

To address people’s concerns about privacy, and lack of motivation, Nooka is the first proximity office provider that encourages a community-driven experience. The platform is a solution for finding inspiration, comfort, and privacy on every occasion. “I thought it’ll be very useful to book a Nooka, so I can work in peace and silence. And with all the trimmings in here – air conditioning, wifi, heating, and all necessary sockets to charge my phone and laptop, it’s actually the perfect workplace”, a young lady and regular Nooka customer explains. Another feature she highly rates is the great flexibility the solution offers. “By using the app, you can book it very fast and easily at the moment you need to use it”, the lady continues.

📷 Vlad Cupşa ◘ http://komiti.media/

“What makes it suitable for me is the proximity near other venues I need to visit during my day”, explains a Nooka user, and an experienced businessman. As a businessman that travels a lot, our customer says he’d be very happy to find Nooka at an airport or a town center, and not have to be stuck in his hotel room or a coffee shop during his travels.

📷 Vlad Cupşa ◘ http://komiti.media/

In the fast-changing world we are in today, where various businesses are growing and altering, Nooka is the universal solution for high-quality work that can be placed anywhere – in the airport, in the backyard, in the park, in cafes, etc. 

Nooka unites people with a common mission and aim – to feel productive and inspired while working. Through the experience that the proximity offices provide, they gather professionals that support the idea of being independent and free to choose the perfect location for their workday. Using Nooka, individuals have the power to transform their working schedule according to their preferences so they can stay motivated and engage in their endeavors. The goal is to establish a community of similar-minded individuals who highly value every minute of their day, and don’t want to spend time commuting.

Nooks Space’s three diverse business models provide local entrepreneurs not only with freedom and a diverse work environment but it also helps them to generate income through the proximity of offices, contributing to a circular local economy.

The first option called Own the Nooka allows companies to buy or lease the platform and use it according to their needs – to keep it private or to rent it for public use. The second option is renting the Nooka for public use in order to generate revenue. The partners provides the location where the proximity office would be located and Nooka provides the platform, thereby the income would be shared between the partner and Nooka. For more information about how you can own a Nooka or become a location partner, get in touch here.

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