How important are office amenities for productivity?

Employees started to be fond of home offices over the past two years, and for good reason. But after all this time, it feels like something is missing. 

A study from Brita shows that over half of employees believe their home office set-up falls short of standard workplace amenities. Basically, it’s great to jump out of bed directly to your desk, but that fancy espresso machine from the office is being missed. 

Research shows that we are more productive when working from home, but when it comes to healthy habits, the same study indicates that 76% of workers admit that it’s quite hard to maintain them. 

This is where proximity offices come in handy. You still get the flexibility of working from somewhere near your home, but with the promise of great amenities at the tip of your finger. Nookas are a great way of making the best out of two worlds, with an office space near your home that has great conveniences.

Let’s take a look at some office amenities that were taken for granted in the old and forgotten days when we went to the office. 

A good office desk 

If you’ve been working from a desk, it is no need to tell you that the quality of that desk matters. A lot. It’s not even about aesthetics or how well it fits your living room furniture. It is about being perfect for your height, helping you maintain a good position while working, and being suited for your needs. 

8 hours of having your back in the form of a shrimp because your desk is not adjustable is not quite the dream. On the contrary. Moreover, it’s great to have a desk that allows you to adjust it so you can work sitting on your chair or standing, to get the blood flowing, and to have diversity in your posture. 

Nookas are equipped with office desks that can be as low as the ground or as high as you want them to be. If you get bored of sitting, you can stand. And you can always adjust it to suit your height and needs. 

That expensive office chair 

Moving on, as important as a desk is a good office chair. Your back will hurt if it won’t get the support it needs throughout the day, especially on those long, full meeting days. 

It’s not about being comfortable or being able to take a nap in your office chair, but to give your back and legs the position they need to get you functioning for years and years. Your back may be good for a year or two, but the effects of bad posture and office equipment are to be felt in the long term. 

This is why we made sure to include top gear in our Nookas. Our desks and chairs will make sure you don’t even feel those hours of sitting – or standing. 

Air conditioning 

In a day full of meetings or work to be done, imagine being so hot you just can’t take it anymore. Water won’t help, you feel unfocused and your productivity drops below 0. 

Offices usually come with air conditioning but not all homes do. So if you want to keep that office perk while also working from the proximity of your home, you will be thrilled to find out that Nookas also have AC for you to turn on and off whenever you want, without having the colleague that is always cold telling you to turn it off. 


When you work on multiple projects or when you need to brainstorm alone or with your team, keeping people on focus can be challenging. And keeping your thoughts in order even more so. 

This is where a whiteboard comes in handy. There is no need to share screens or documents, you just grab a marker and start writing. When something is off the hook, you just erase it and start over. When working with a team, everyone can have their input written and visualized before moving on to planning and implementation. 

Now of course you could get a whiteboard in your home but how would it look in your living room? Forget that and take a Nooka to solve that as well. 

The miracle of a soundproof space 

When working remotely, calls and meetings are part of your daily life. And for some, having a call while others can hear everything you say can be intimidating or unpleasant. 

At an office, you usually have office rooms and that should take care of the problem. But most often, those rooms are not soundproof. 

Good thing Nookas are. Nobody will hear a thing you say. 

A great view 

If you are tired of seeing the same kids playing by your window or the same people going to the store, maybe there is a need for a change. 

Nookas can be placed wherever you feel like and can offer the view you want to see all day. You’ll never get bored by looking at the same thing ever again because now you have the power of choosing what you want to see. 

If you are ready to make some changes and to keep your old office amenities but to have them at your fingertips, reserve your Nooka from our app.