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of the time, workers prefer a hybrid model. This is how we deliver for that need.

Network of Proximity office spaces

We’re creating a global network of proximity office spaces, accessible at a tap distance.

Prepaid package deals

Enterprise packages offer the best-discounted prices for volume deals. It’s prepaid so your employees only have to choose the office they use for the day.

Smart and integrated workspaces

Our offices are smart and IoT integrated. We aim and always improve to offer the best working experience to all our Nooksters.

Sharable - Enable your community

Your employees can book our offices individually, or share the space with a colleague, sending a branded invitation directly from the app.

Branded Mobile App

Right after login, your employee will see your logo and your community. Feels just like home.

Health and safety standards

We strive to have the best office administrators, that align with our high safety and health standards.

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