A team with a mission:
Building the future of work

Join our fast pace adventure in knowing what to do when no one’s there telling you what to do.

At Nooka Space, we have the opportunity to work with innovative people, learn from each other, tackle challenges, and make a real impact.

Self-starter culture

We aren’t told what to do to achieve the results, but we are provided all the resources and the support to achieve them while developing an analytical and autonomous approach.

Commitment to flexibility

We focus on building an inclusive environment that is welcoming for everyone who takes part of our team.  We empower people to do the work that is meaningful for them.

Encouraging a hybrid workstyle

Remote work is in our DNA. We engage with our team in different ways at the office or outside of it, by organizing online work sessions, hangouts and team events. We work hard, but we never let fun out of our “to do” list.

You belong

We consider that our team is where every great idea can be heard and everybody feels like they belong. Our culture is built in a way that every member feels supported, valued, connected, and empowered to do their best work.

What defines us

No one is here by accident.

Be a community building community

We take care of each other in Nooka, as we care for the people in outer Space.

Be agile and move fast

We do things we believe in and then measure the results. We bring value by failing fast.

Be flexible

Space is continuously expanding, which means change is the only constant. Nooka Space is no different.

Be innovative

We are not afraid of the new, and we're not against the old. We try everything until things work.

Get involved

If it is dropped, we pick it up. If it is unfair, we speak up. If we do not like it, we mention it.

Feel like you might fit in?
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