Smart Workspaces for Airport Terminals

Nooka Space offers fully equipped, Wi-Fi connected, pay-as-you-go office pods to better airport experience and work while traveling.


Our product does not come to replace any other product or service. Furthermore, it makes use of spaces that does not generate revenue usually.

Immediate value

It offers an immediate value to travelers through a better customer experience and comfort in the waiting area with virtually no interruptions from construction work. 

Non aeronautical revenue

It instantly generates revenue to airport and lounge management through a unique business model based on shared revenue.

Existing opportunities

Research shows airport waiting area experience is crucial to customer satisfaction. Infrastructure is the biggest driver of passenger satisfaction, and comfort at gate waiting areas are a vital component.
A satisfied passenger is vital if an airport wishes its revenues to increase, traffic to grow, and reputation to remain esteemed. This is achieved by providing customers with a high-quality passenger experience.
The most prominent elements of creating a comfortable experience for passengers are seats and essential services such as Wi-Fi access, access to power, and clean washrooms. However, the best airports are sensitive to intangible variables that have a direct impact on comforts, such as smell, light, noise, and temperature.
A limited number of comfortable areas with Wi-Fi and access to power to work/ play on laptops are provided in airports for passengers while waiting. Usually, these areas do not generate revenues for airport management/ are not comfortable enough/ are noisy and distracting for those who need to engage in business calls or deep work. ​
Business travel has dropped during the pandemic era from its annual revenue of $1.4trn in 2019 (according to the Global Business Travel Association) by $710bn, while passengers number plummeted. As business travel bounces back, any effort that enhances the customer experience of this target can accelerate the recovery of the segment.
Coffee shops and restaurants in airport retail areas may not welcome long-term customers in their attempt to recover from the pandemic impact on the global aviation sector. At the same time, most travelers enjoy the convenience of these places for their work. ​
Bleisure (combination between business and leisure) lifestyle is a growing trend, so any partnership that enhances the work and travel experience is a winner.
Digital nomads segment continues to grow from 35 million - in 2021. This target looks to travel and work from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection. Airports are becoming a secondary office of sorts for both traditional office workers who need to travel for business.​
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We offer a innovative business model

Benefit from a Tech-enabled infrastructure of Proximity Workspaces with an attractive shared revenue business model. It’s as simple as this:

Meet Nooka Air

A small footprint, fully equipped and technologically enabled work booth, designed with communities that work remotely in mind.

Up to 4 seats, Indoor Office

Nooka Air One

A cozy workspace for you to create, communicate or relax. Designed to deliver meaningful remote work experiences.

Up to 2 seats, Outdoor / Indoor Office

Nooka Cube

A hybrid workspace that was designed for the outdoors scenery but it fits perfectly indoors as well.

Up to 4 seats, Indoor Office

Nooka Air Two

You need that space for privacy and comfort on the go. A smart, fully connected proximity work booth.
1 seat, Indoor Office

Nooka Air Two S

This workspace is the smaller brother of the Nooka Air Two. Smart, fully connected, managed by the mobile app.

Designed to deliver meaningful remote work experiences for your community, customers or citizens.


Privacy done right

We value privacy. It’s one of our core principles when we design the perfect flex workspace. We believe productivity has to be protected by creating a privacy barrier against unwanted intrusion.

Smart and integrated

The office is IoT integrated for smart access, ventilation and lighting. Gain full control of your work booth directly from the mobile app. 


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Nooka Air

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