How companies deal with remote work: best practices, case studies and personas

remote work office desk

As the world slowly gets back to normal after the pandemic, many companies are left wondering what they’ll do next. Will they continue with remote work, or will they enforce in-office work again? Maybe they’ll adopt a new approach and try a hybrid working approach.  Many employers are very complacent with remote work, but aren’t […]

Waiting area customer experience – How can we make it better?

busy airport waiting area

I don’t know about you, but I personally am not a fan of waiting areas. Typically speaking, they’re loud, and uncomfortable, and are good for nothing other than waiting. Whether it’s an airport terminal or a hotel lobby, waiting areas can definitely afford to invest in a little more customer experience. But how is this […]

Why telecommuting from home might not always be the answer

man working on laptop while telecommuting from home

Let’s be honest, the working world is changing for the better. Many people from all over the world are finding themselves no longer bound to sitting in an office. They have the option of telecommuting, and productivity and morale are at an all-time high. Working from home can be great, but it certainly can have […]

Remote team management: Everything you need to know

woman working remotely at table with coffee

Remote and hybrid work isn’t going anywhere. In fact, companies and leaders around the world are ramping up their remote operations so that their employees stay happy and productive. They are investing time and money into a culture that supports different working styles, and with that comes remote team management.  Managing remote employees may sound […]

Virtual team building ideas that any remote team can use

With the rise in remote work, teams around the globe are looking for ways to be more productive, engaged, and connected with one another. One of the ways people are managing to accomplish all three of those important remote team ingredients is by hosting virtual team building. There are plenty of reasons why you want […]

How to manage workplace flexibility – 6 Easy tips

Flexible work conditions can boast a ton of benefits for many businesses. In fact, according to a survey done by Vodafone, 58% of US companies that practise workplace flexibility saw an increase of some sort in profits. On top of that, 86% of those companies saw a drastic increase in productivity. That all sounds well […]

Why are people booming in shared office spaces?

two people collaborating with a white board in a shared office

Remote work and shared office spaces aren’t necessarily a new thing, but they certainly have taken off in popularity in the past few years. Honestly, this isn’t any sort of secret. We’ve all been aware of this trend, and the pandemic gave us the insight that we needed to realize that remote, shared office spaces […]

Tips for staying productive in a coworking space

two people at desks in coworking space

Staying productive in any working situation can prove to be a task for many people. Add a coworking space to the mix, and it can become even more difficult. The truth is that no matter who you are, anything can be a distraction. Even while working alone at home in your office, things pop up […]

Hybrid work meaning – Why do employees want it so bad?

Laptop sitting on desk in Nooka proximity office

After a rocky couple of years, the world is finally starting to get back to normal. At least, the new normal. All-in-all, a lot has changed, much of which is definitely for the better.  One of those changes is that many people that used to work in a strict office environment are now opened up […]

Going remote? Here’s what you need in your remote office

remote office work space

It’s no secret now that people are flocking to remote environments. Whether that’s the comfort of their own home, or a proximity office on the other side of the globe, remote offices are a huge trend. When I say trend, though, I don’t mean something that will come to pass. At least not something that […]