Ontmoet Nooka tijdens het REBF Event (NL)

Ontmoet Nooka tijdens het REBF Event Nooka Space is aanwezig op het REBF Festival 20 en 21 september aanstaande. Niet zomaar we staan met de Nooka Cube op het Gustav Mahlerplein. Wat ons betreft de ideale plaats voor een (kennismakings)afspraak. Want zo kan je zien en meemaken hoe de Nooka in de dagelijkse praktijk werkt. […]

Nooka Space komt naar Nederland (NL)

Nooka Space komt naar Nederland Startup Nooka Space breidt haar netwerk van high-end buurtkantoren uit en komt naar Nederland. Vastgoedbeurs PROVADA heeft de primeur en op 14, 15 en 16 juni kunt u uw eigen Nooka Space boeken en zelf het gemak van dit flexibele kantoorconcept ervaren.  Nooka Space is een nieuw concept van slimme, flexibele […]

What are proximity offices, and are they the future of workplaces?

It’s been slightly over two years since the world first faced the challenge called COVID-19. With it, many people started facing changes in their personal and professional lives. In the first few months, remote work surged in popularity and most of the companies switched to a work-from-home modus operandi However, with the start of 2022 […]

Private working pods vs coworking space – Which is better?

The rise in remote work has led to a massive increase in the need for office alternatives. Some businesses even structure their company culture around said remote work. For many people working remotely, a nice, at-home office space works wonders. For many others, they need a place that they can escape to, get into the […]

The Hybrid Work Style, or how everyone wants to work less from the office

If March 2020 saw most workers trying to adjust to working from the “comfort” of their homes, the talk right now is all about hybrid working. Office spaces are no longer what we thought them to be – the place where you just go to deliver your 9-to-5 duties. Now, a proximity office may be […]

2021 in review: How Nooka Space changed remote work for good

2021 meant a lot of things for a lot of people. For us, it was a year of success. One where we paved the road for a new way of working remotely, which everyone seems to appreciate and love.  We’ve grown as a company and as individuals. We had our fair share of bumps along […]

Nooka Space is offering a 50% discount to any booking in the Cluj offices

We recently launched a 50% off campaign available for all the office bookings in Cluj. This means that Nooksters can rent a Nooka Space office for only 1.99 euro/hour. The 50% off campaign is available until the 20th of December in all the Cluj offices! Becoming a Nookster grants you instant access to the community […]